Acne Treatment 10ml Rollerball

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Treats breakouts, prevents scars, reduces inflammation, helps unclog pores.

Jojoba Oil: packed with antioxidant Vitamin E, is one of the best oils for acne as it helps regenerate skin cells and speeds up the healing process. This soothing serum will help to keep your skin balanced.

Tea Tree Oil uses its natural antibacterial properties to kill off bacteria, and it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Lavender Oil is well-known for its soothing, stress relieving properties (stress and acne are connected).

Vitamin A in Sweet Almond Oil may help prevent future acne.

The best way to prevent scarring is to refrain from popping your pimples. Avoid excessive unhealthy fatty foods. Best to apply where necessary at the onset of irritation to prevent further inflammation.


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