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Suggested use: Two tablets daily.


Allergies, colds and flu, hay fever.


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NAPPI Code: 896644/001.

When packed each tablet contains:

Astragalus – 25 mg, Echinacea – 100 mg, Goldenseal – 25 mg, Nettle – 15 mg, Red clover  – 30 mg, Rosehip – 25 mg, Thyme – 20 mg


This exciting herbal formulation offers the combined benefits of seven herbs that are acknowledged to reduce allergies by regulating the immune system.

Astragalus acts as a tonic to protect the immune system. It aids adrenal gland function and digestion. Increases metabolism, promotes healing, and provides energy to combat fatigue. Increases stamina. Good for colds and flu.

Echinacea stimulates certain white blood cells and has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Good for the immune system and the lymphatic system. Useful for colic, colds, flu and other infectious illnesses.

Goldenseal acts as an antibiotic, cleanses the body, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, increases the effectiveness of insulin and strengthens the liver, pancreas, spleen and lymphatic and respiratory systems. Cleanses mucous membranes, counters infections, improves digestion and regulates menses. Good for inflammation, ulcers and any infectious disease.

Nettle contains vital minerals that are essential in many disorders. Good for anaemia, arthritis, hay fever and many other allergic disorders, kidney problems and malabsorption syndrome. Red clover acts as an antibiotic, appetite suppressant, blood purifier and relaxant. Good for bacterial infections, inflamed lungs, inflammatory bowel disorders, kidney problems, liver disease, skin disorders and weakened immunity.

Rosehip is good for all infections and bladder problems. A good source of vitamin C. Thyme eliminates gas and reduces fever, headache and mucus. Has strong antiseptic properties. Lowers cholesterol. Good for croup and other respiratory problems, and for fever, headache and liver disease.

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