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When packed each tablet contains:

Vitamin A 4900 IU Vitamin C 100 mg
Vitamin E 29 IU Zinc from zinc gluconate 30 mg
Selenium from sodium selenite 0.003 mg Beta-carotene 2 mg

Suggested use: One tablet per day or as required.

A true product of our times. Beta ACEZ combines the antioxidant properties of vitamins A, C and E with the properties of zinc and selenium to offer a supplement that helps combat the ravaging effects of pollution.

Beta-carotene is the natural and most potent precursor of vitamin A. It is believed to be protective against and beneficial in certain types of cancer. Roughly, 2mg of beta-carotene converts to 3 400 IU of pro-vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, which helps protect lung tissue from damage caused by oxidising chemicals in the air. Some of the many benefits of vitamin A intake include: maintenance of the membrane and skin health, promotion of effective night vision, control of highly destructive free radicals, maintenance of a healthy thymus gland, boosting the immune system, development of normal reproduction and lactation cycles, synthesis of genetic material RNA.

Vitamin C helps prevent lead build-up in the body and helps detoxify other toxins. Vitamin C is also needed for: formation of collagen, a protein connective tissue that holds cells together; replacement of old tissue and the regeneration of new, making it invaluable for wound healing; synthesis of several proteins and in the metabolisation of calcium and folic acid and aids in the use and absorption of iron; production of interferon, the body’s own antiviral agent; and it is a natural antihistamine.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant for the body’s lipid based membrane system. When used in combination with vitamin A it increases protection of lung tissue. It also protects against the effects of carbon monoxide and detoxifies the effects of chlorinated pesticides. Vitamin E is needed for: protection of fatty acids, maintaining the effectiveness of vitamin C and the B group vitamins, increasing the effectiveness of muscles, especially the heart muscles by reducing oxygen requirements, protecting the genetic material DNA from free radical oxidation, protecting the myelin nerve sheaths, boosting the cardiovascular system, boosting the immune system, and helping with detoxification.

Zinc is believed to stimulate the action of vitamins. It aids tissue respiration and is a vital cofactor of essential fatty acid metabolism. Zinc is important for: hydrochloric acid production in the stomach (when there is sufficient niacin/vitamin B3 in the system), stimulating the immune system, restoring the skin and mucosal linings of the air passages and the gastrointestinal tract.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral. It is also an antioxidant (which is most effective when combined with vitamin E) with anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic properties. It is believed to offer maintenance in resistance to disease, against toxic minerals and toxic substances produced in the body. Selenium is important for: essential fatty acid metabolism, protein synthesis, boosting the immune system, and helping with healing of wounds.

Beta ACEZ is helpful with problems related to tiredness, blood and circulation disorders, and in helping improve the general health and vitality of the body, especially for those with a diet that is high in refined foods and low in nutrient value. Beta ACEZ can also be taken by people who require a lot of strength like athletes. It is especially good for men, particularly those who suffer from infertility, as zinc is known to stimulate the prostate gland. It has also been known to help those suffering from burns, boils and other skin problems such as pimples and acne.


Ageing, skin conditions, poor complexion.


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Weight 112 g
Dimensions 55 x 55 x 110 cm