Kombukarious Kombucha Vinegar 250ml


Kombucha is one of nature’s original sodas.

It is an ancient tradition that has resurfaced and is now becoming popular again, and even trendy! Traditionally brewed with green or black tea, this naturally carbonated beverage contains vitamins as well as beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It also produces healthy acids (gluconic and glucuronic), that help the body re-establish balance.

The byproduct of kombucha is kombucha vinegar. When some of Kombukarious’ kombucha batches stood for too long, they started filling up my oak barrels and using it for starter teas. After about a year, they discovered that it has turned into beautiful, flavourful vinegar! They started playing around and infusing batches of the vinegar with different fruits and herbs, creating 6 flavours of kombucha vinegar that works well for salad dressings and in stews and soups.

People who start consuming kombucha often report that it:

1) Aids detoxification
2) Boosts immunity
3) Boosts energy


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