Kombukarious Pomegranate Kefir Water 500ml


Kombucha is one of nature’s original sodas.

It is an ancient tradition that has resurfaced and is now becoming popular again, and even trendy! Traditionally brewed with green or black tea, this naturally carbonated beverage contains vitamins as well as beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It also produces healthy acids (gluconic and glucuronic), that help the body re-establish balance.

Kombukarious Water Kefir is naturally fermented, healthy and light. It is made with sugar and water instead of tea and water like kombucha. The culture that is added also looks different and has a whole different probiotic range. Also a whole food, kefir water has the same health benefits of kombucha. Because of the lighter taste, children sometimes find kefir water more palatable.

Water kefir is a wonderful substitute for energy drinks before or after exercise. People who start consuming kombucha often report that it:

1) Aids detoxification
2) Boosts immunity
3) Boosts energy


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