Spirulina typical analysis per tablet: 1 000 mg

Isoleucine 41.3 mg Leucine 58 mg Lysine 40 mg
Methionine 21.7 mg Phenylalanine 39.5 mg Threonine 41.7 mg
Tryptophan 11.3 mg Valine 60 mg Alanine 58.2 mg
Arginine 59.8 mg Aspartic acid 64.3 mg Cystine 6.7 mg
Glutamic acid 89.4 mg Glycine 34.6 mg Histidine 10.8 mg
Proline 29.7 mg Serine 40 mg Tyrosine 46 mg
RNA 35 mg DNA 10 mg
GLA 11.9 mg
Chlorophyl 7.6 mg Lecithin 100 mg
Kelp 50 mg
Siberian ginseng 50 mg Vitamin C 50 mg
Vitamin D 50 IU
Rutin 20 mg Hesperidin 20 mg

Including: vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and E. Plus potassium, calcium and several other minerals.

Suggested use: One tablet per day.

House of Health’s Spirulina Power Plus is Spirulina in a most powerful form: 1 000 mg of Spirulina to which has been added the properties and benefits of Siberian ginseng, lecithin, kelp, vitamin C and vitamin D, (two essential vitamins which Spirulina doesn’t include in its long list of nutrient constituents) and the bioflavonoids; hesperidin and rutin. The formula is yeast free and has slow-release properties.

In foods, vitamin C is always accompanied by bioflavonoids (also known as vitamin P) which are essential for the proper absorption of the vitamin. They assist vitamin C in keeping collagen (the component that binds cells together) in a healthy condition. They also act as an antioxidant, increase the strength of the blood capillaries and may help in the prevention of colds and influenza.

Whilst South Africans get most of their vitamin D from sunlight, additional quantities of the vitamin help in dentition, resisting gum disease, which affects most of the western world. Vitamin D combined with vitamin A (which Spirulina has in abundance), is beneficial in reducing the incidence of colds.

Lecithin is a complex mixture of choline, inositol, fatty acids and phosphorus and helps the body break down cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood allowing them to be effectively utilised by the body. Excessive cholesterol in the body is a major cause of heart disease. Lecithin is useful in combination with the weight reduction properties of Spirulina and kelp as it prevents the “drawn look” associated with weight loss. It is also a natural tranquilliser and helps rebuild body cells.

In the East, ginseng has been used for thousands of years as it is believed that it strengthens the heart and nervous system by building up general mental health, physical vitality and resistance to disease.


Anaemia, cholesterol, muscle strength and endurance.


NAPPI Code: 896868/005.

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 110 cm