TNT Mercury – Circadian 120s

R200.00 R146.11

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Cycle contains a proprietary combination of GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) and vitamins which will assist the body when daily stimulants such as caffeine, fat burners and sugars as well as stresses, destabilize our natural stores and our Circadian rhythms (sleep cycles).

As a dietary supplement, GABA is typically promoted to bodybuilders and other athletes as a nutrient to help stimulate secretion of growth hormone, decrease body fat levels and increase lean muscle tissue as well as improved recovery from exercise, relaxation and better sleep.

As a wellness supplement, GABA has shown an overall improvement in general health and anti-aging benefits as well as relieving symptoms of anxiety, stress and panic which will negatively impact the health of our bodies if left untreated.