Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


It is important that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions in order for you to subscribe to the WELLBOX Programme.
All prices and usage rates advertised include VAT, unless otherwise stated.


The WELLBOX Programme is offered to the public in South Africa as an opt in Membership, providing access to a monthly chocolate, treats, gift box that makes up the Membership Benefits provided by NEXT Corporate and Travel Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Membership Benefits are provided monthly in the form of a delivered box with various chocolate and, from time to time, gift-related content, which is updated via our website www.mychocolatebox.co.za.
Members of the Programme receive either discounted rates and/or value added products contained in the monthly chocolate box.
NEXT has secured a wide range of benefits in the form of discount opportunities from its subsidiaries, affiliates and from third-party suppliers from time to time, for the Member to participate in as a benefit.
The following terms and conditions pertain to understanding and making the most of the Member’s membership benefits. These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between NEXT and the Member, governing the rights and obligations of both parties each time the Member accesses and remains a Member of the WELLBOX Programme.
By joining and accessing the WELLBOX Programme either telephonically, online or in person, the Member confirms that he has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, as they may be amended from time to time and available on the WELLBOX Website.
If there is anything in the terms and conditions that requires an explanation, please contact our customer care centre on 0861 777 279
The Membership and Benefits are designed to provide a monthly box of chocolates and various other treats contained in the form of a monthly subscription.


NEXT reserves the right to suspend the WELLBOX Programme and its benefits in its sole discretion, including when any fraudulent activity is suspected, and if the outcome of an investigation proves that fraudulent activity did occur, NEXT shall be entitled to terminate the WELLBOX service and/or benefits.
NEXT may amend, modify or otherwise change these terms and conditions in its sole and absolute discretion on notice to you and the amended version will be displayed in the same media as these terms and conditions. By continuing to subscribe to WELLBOX, you agree and understand that you will be bound by the amended terms and conditions.
It is important that you understand that all customers who make use of WELLBOX indemnify NEXT, its providers, its directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors and sponsors against any loss or damages, either direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, arising from their use of WELLBOX and its benefits.
NEXT has the right to withdraw, or shorten the duration of the WELLBOX Programme in its sole and absolute discretion and will notify customers if it chooses to do so. Customers will not have a claim against NEXT in this event.


In this Agreement, unless otherwise indicated by the context:

The singular shall include the plural and vice versa;
One gender shall include the other genders and vice versa;
Natural persons shall include legal and juristic persons and vice versa; and
Where figures are referred to in numerals and in words, if there is any conflict between the two, the words shall prevail.


“Agreement” – means these terms and conditions together with the Member registration for the WELLBOX Programme;
“Business Day”– means any such day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or South African Public Holiday;
“WELLBOX Programme” – means the programme offered to Members in terms of which they qualify for WELLBOX Benefits and the Products and Services;
“WELLBOX Benefits” – means the benefits described in clause 5.3
“WELLBOX Contact Centre”– means the premises used by NEXT to facilitate the provision of the WELLBOX Benefits to Members;
“WELLBOX Website” – means the website at www.mychocolatebox.co.za
“Enrolment” – means the enrolment in the WELLBOX Programme as set out in clause 4.1;
“Member” – means any person who has successfully enrolled in the WELLBOX Programme;
“Membership Dues”– means the monthly consideration payable by the Member to NEXT for access to WELLBOX;
“NEXT” – means NEXT Corporate and Travel Solutions Pty Ltd (registration number 2003/002780/07);
“NEXT Partner/s” – means any supplier appointed by NEXT to provide products or services to the WELLBOX Programme in order to provide the Member with benefits from time to time;
“Welcome Pack” – means the electronic information letter that the Member will receive via email on successfully registering for the WELLBOX Programme.


The following requirements need to be complied with to enrol as a member of the WELLBOX Programme:

Completing the online voice recorded application form via our contact centre agent’s outbound call; or completing an online membership form on the WELLBOX Website; or
Enrolling via our customer care centre on 0861 230 007; or
Paying the Membership Fee via debit order or credit card directly to NEXT.
Only individual persons from the age of 18 years old may enrol in the WELLBOX Programme.
Persons may only enrol in the WELLBOX Programme for personal use.
The Membership Dues effective 1 October 2016 are R 29 (Twenty Nine Rands) including VAT.


In this Agreement, unless otherwise indicated by the context:

The full details of the WELLBOX content and Benefits are available on the WELLBOX Website, or by calling the WELLBOX Contact Centre on 0861 230 007.
The Member will only receive the Membership Benefits on successful payment of their monthly Membership Dues / Subscription to access WELLBOX.
WELLBOX Benefits include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
Savings on your WELLBOX health products
Monthly member newsletter
Exclusive access to premium chocolate-related events
Premium first access to new product launches

The use of the WELLBOX Programme and the WELLBOX Benefits shall be at the Member’s own initiative and risk.

merely provides access to the Membership Benefits;
makes no representations, gives no warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the suitability of any Membership Benefits to the Member’s needs.
The WELLBOX Benefits are subject to availability although every possible alternative or substitute product will be investigated should availability be limited.
NEXT, its agents and distributors accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for the misuse of the WELLBOX Benefits and are not liable for any personal loss or injury at featured venues or through the use of the Programme.
Membership of the WELLBOX Programme will be at NEXT’s sole discretion.
The Member accepts that by participating in the WELLBOX Programme, NEXT will be sending to the Member various marketing communications and updates pertaining to the WELLBOX Benefits at its sole discretion.
Should the Member not wish to receive these communications or updates he must inform NEXT by opting out on communications or by calling the WELLBOX Contact Centre and NEXT shall then refrain from sending them.
The Member will be required to pay a monthly membership fee. The membership fees are R29 per month inclusive of VAT as at October 2016. This fee is also set out on the WELLBOX Website and may vary from time to time.
The Member shall authorise NEXT via their voice recorded or online membership enrolment to debit the bank account or credit card or any other acceptable payment instrument of the Member’s choosing.
The Member can only cancel their membership with the WELLBOX Programme by calling the WELLBOX Contact Centre on 0861 230 007 or mailing customerservice@wellbox.co.za.
Members may cancel their membership by giving 1 (one) calendar month’s notice of their intention to do so.
If the Member cancels their membership, their debit order will also be cancelled.
The Member is entitled to cancel their membership within 5 (five) Business Days after having enrolled and NEXT will fully refund any Membership Fee paid by the Member provided that no delivery of a monthly WELLBOX has been received by the Member.
If the Member cancels their membership after the expiry of the 5 (five) Business Days the Member will not receive a refund of their Membership Fee.
The Membership Fee will be reviewed annually by NEXT who is entitled to determine the Membership Fee at its sole discretion. The Member will be notified of any changes to these fees within 30 days of such changes being effected.
NEXT shall have the right to deregister the Member from the WELLBOX Programme by giving him reasonable prior notice of 5 (five) days in the event of any of the following:
• Non-payment of the Membership Fee;
• Abuse of the WELLBOX Programme by a Member.
NEXT reserves the right to change the criteria for deregistration at any time by giving the Member reasonable prior notice.
NEXT shall be entitled, at its discretion, to terminate the WELLBOX Programme at any time, and shall notify the Member of its decision by giving the Member reasonable prior notice of 30 (thirty) days’ notice via the website.
NEXT will not be liable for any loss, expenses, claim(s) or damage, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from the use of the WELLBOX Programme and the Member accordingly indemnifies NEXT against any such losses, expenses, claim(s) or damages, provided that such loss was not suffered due to the negligence of NEXT.
The Member hereby warrants that he has the required legal capacity to enter into and be bound by this Agreement.
NEXT reserves the right to amend this Agreement and Members have the right to cancel their Membership with no penalty should the terms of the new Agreement not be agreeable.
It is the responsibility of the Member to inform NEXT of any changes in their personal details.
NEXT reserves the right to change the NEXT Partner/s that provide the Benefits to the WELLBOX Programme based on Member usage, pricing, quality, availability of products and service or at NEXT’s sole discretion.
You can pay by using your Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card or providing NEXT with your debit order details.
Your chosen means of payment will be used to debit your monthly subscription to the WELLBOX Programme (Membership Dues).
As a Member, you indicate where in South Africa you require delivery, as well as contact numbers to be used in connection with delivery.
Your WELLBOX box will be delivered to the address you specified during the enrolment process of your subscription to WELLBOX.
Your WELLBOX box will be delivered by courier. The courier will confirm an attempt to deliver to your chosen address. If no one is available to receive the delivery of your WELLBOX box, it will be returned to our warehouse and a return will be processed for the goods.
The delivery of WELLBOX will occur within the first two weeks of any given month.
WELLBOX standard deliveries take place during business hours.
Delivery is considered complete as soon as the WELLBOX box is accepted and signed for either by the Member or by an individual on the Member’s behalf at the specified delivery address.
Members must ensure that you or the intended receiver of the box inspect(s) the WELLBOX box on arrival and makes known any justifiable complaints.
Complaints and claims must be brought to the attention of WELLBOX by calling our call centre at 0861 230 007, which operates 24 hours a day.
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase due to a defect, incorrect product choice or other reason, you may return it to WELLBOX within 30 days of delivery, by the same shipping method which the WELLBOX box was received.
In the case of a damaged or incorrect item having been delivered, WELLBOX will evaluate each case and issue a refund of your Membership Dues or a replacement WELLBOX box upon proof of the damaged/incorrect item.
NEXT and the Member agree to act in good faith.